Impactful moments hit bold and hard when there's a moment of suspense, a void, before them.

Be different, be bold. In today’s era it’s even more important for composer and music producers to stand out from the crowd. With the right tools at your hand and passion along the way, nothing can stop you. That's our mission.


I’m not sure why I talk as ‘we’ when it’s just me - Heiko Sengbusch. Well most of the time at least. Sometimes I also work with world-class musicians, and recording studios to create virtual instruments, synth presets and sample packs.

Starting from a simple Instagram account to share my knowledge about trailer music as an aspiring composer, it quickly became more than that. Trailer music needs to sound original and authentic. To achieve this, I started creating my own sounds and discovered another passion in sound design, hence I founded Bold Void.