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Discover the Best Websites for Trailer Music Reference Tracks

Discover the Best Websites for Trailer Music Reference Tracks

If you are a budding trailer music composer, studying and re-creating professional trailer music can help you improve your craft and develop your own unique style.

However, the challenge is that most trailer music tracks are industry-only and not publicly available. Spotify and YouTube might be crowded with epic hybrid trailer music but they are missing out on the many sub-genres that exist. Fortunately, there are a few websites that offer a vast library of trailer music.

By listening to and analyzing these tracks, you can gain insights into the techniques and strategies used by professional trailer music composers and apply them to your own compositions. On these websites you can even listen to the individual stems to get a better understanding what is going on.



Audio Attack Trailer Series

Icon Trailer Music

Liquid Cinema

Trailer Rebel

Jolt Trailer Music

Immediate Music

Colossal Trailer Music

Really Slow Motion

Ninja Tracks

Epic North

Revolt Production Music

Brand X Music

Gothic Storm Music


Glory Oath + Blood

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